Legal Services - Tax

Legal Services
Our co-operation with legal consultants and notaries ensures finding solutions in problems you might come up with during a sale. The law offices, we co-operate with, have a fully skilled scientific personnel aiming at providing you with legal counsel for solving all legal cases concerning your estate.

The services are provided for fully ensuring your investment and they can guarantee normal and secure conducting of all the actions required for completing the sale.

Full tax coverage is provided for your estate or business through external associates within the frame of full service provision. Our associates are fully up to date with the International Accounting Standards (IAS & IFRS) and ensure timely and quality information.

They responsibly assume:

Information and counseling about Large Estates Tax, Estate Transaction Tax, Inheritance Tax, Parental Benefits, etc.

Information about the benefits provided by incentives laws.

Creating and supporting local and foreign companies.

Conducting bureaucratic actions and transactions with the State.

Conducting actions regarding the real properties taxation of companies.

Keeping - Controlling - Supervising Ledgers of all levels - Composition of Balance Sheets, and Profits and Losses Statement
Drawing up tax returns of natural and legal entities.

Conducting, arranging and paying tax and insurance liabilities.