Plan your trip and visit Athens

When you find your dream’s estate, our legal service will conduct the necessary legal review and prepare the necessary certificates for completing the buying.

They will issue VAT number.

Transfer money to an account of a Greek Bank.

Complete the buying.

File your application for the Golden Visa.

Obtain the Golden Visa.

Show us the estates you wish to visit. If you haven’t found during your search the estate that interests you, describe to us your dreamhouse and we will search for it through our network of associates.

In the case you are interested in an estate, which is not represented by Find Real Estate, you are welcomed to contact us. You will not be charged with extra real estate’s fee, but only for the cost for any technical, legal or other services we might offer you and are required for completing the buying.

Our job is to ensure that the requested price befits the state and position of the estate and that it has or is going to have all the necessary certificates.