Why Greece

Greece is the most competitive among the european countries that give you the chance to obtain the Golden Visa.

Invest in estates in Greece with minimum value of € 250,000 and become an EU resident. In this way, you gain free movement in 26 countries of the Schengen area in Europe without any further requirements.
The estates’ prices in Greece are reachable, thus, they create investment opportunities for those who want to resell or rent their property.
Real property in Greece has the lowest tax rates within the European Union, concerning whether its acquisition or the periodical taxation.

Financial Centre of Southeastern Europe

Greece is an attractive place for investments, as it offers a number of investment opportunities deriving from the country’s strategic geographical position. It is the natural gate to the markets of Europe, North Africa and Eastern Mediterranean.
At the same time, Greek companies have been established in the neighbouring countries’ markets and are a very important part of their economies.
It is an emerging peripheral energy centre and has a fully trained and multilingual manpower.
It is a member of important international organizations such as: European Union, NATO, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), European Investment Bank (EIB), International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), International Monetary Fund (IMF), International Maritime Organization (IMO), Interpol, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, United Nations, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, UNESCO, World Health Organization (WHO), World Trade Organization (WTO), European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).

The country is a top touristic destination.

Greece is one of the most popular touristic destinations worldwide. Almost 30 million tourists visit Greece every year.
It is the country that has given birth to mythical heroes, epic poets and ancient gods. It is the cradle of democracy, philosophy, science and art.
The ideal climate, the famous cuisine, security, the way and quality of life, and its hospitality are only some of the many benefits that someone might enjoy while living in Greece.
Lively areas as Koukaki, the pedestrian walkway of Makrygiannis, Thiseio, Gazi and Petralona, Exarcheia and the always wakeful Metropolitan Historical and Commercial Athens Centre, guarantee a high standard of life and quality entertainment.

Greece, synonym to Civilization and natural beauty.

Birthplace to Zeus, Plato and Hercules, the land of Santorini, Mykonos, Parthenon and the battlefield of Leonidas, it is an inspired amalgam of ancient spirit and modern times.
Interesting museums, outdoors sports activities, daily excursions, wild nature observation as well as local customs can be found almost all over Greece.
It combines unique characteristics within the whole Europe. It is a unique combination of mainland and islands with archipelago consisting of approximately 3,000 islands with deep blue crystal water and white sand.
Greece is known for its climate. The sunlight and the variety of spectacular landscapes attract not only occassional visitors but also couples and families seeking a second home or permanent relocation. The country’s accessibility from the whole world, as well as with the estates offered in tempting prices, make it an ideal destination.

Security - Health - Education

Everyone can wander without fear in the streets of Greece even during night time. Especially in big cities, such as Athens and Thessaloniki, the warm weather attracts people to stay out till the first morning hours, thus, giving liveliness to cities 24/7.
Greece has an excellent healthcare system. In 2000, when the WHO classified the healthcare systems of its 191 members, Greece was placed 14th, way above countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom and Cyprus.
Education in Greece is public and private. Even though the exams in public schools for entering higher education are difficult, education is free of charge. On the other hand, private colleges and universities do not require any exams. Public and private universities often offer specially designed programmes for foreign students. Holders of greek residence permit have the same rights to higher education as Greek citizens.


Plan your trip and visit Athens
When you find your dream’s estate, our legal service will conduct the necessary legal review and prepare the necessary certificates for completing the buying.
They will issue VAT number.
Transfer money to an account of a Greek Bank.
Complete the buying.
File your application for the Golden Visa.
Obtain the Golden Visa.
Show us the estates you wish to visit. If you haven’t found during your search the estate that interests you, describe to us your dreamhouse and we will search for it through our network of associates.
In the case you are interested in an estate, which is not represented by Find Real Estate, you are welcomed to contact us. You will not be charged with extra real estate’s fee, but only for the cost for any technical, legal or other services we might offer you and are required for completing the buying.
Our job is to ensure that the requested price befits the state and position of the estate and that it has or is going to have all the necessary certificates.